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SFG_SMALLis different from traditional consulting firms, which approach business from the outside in. We're a global community dedicated to partnering with business leaders and working as part of their teams - to solve problems, transfer knowledge and drive change from the inside out.

Our approach to assisting clients in the areas of Governance, Risk and Compliance including internal audit brings proven professionals with an average of 15 years relevant experience in operations, controllership, and internal and external audit to each engagement.

Our clients benefit from our deep industry and technical knowledge. At rates comparable to those charged by other firms for people just beginning their careers, our experienced professionals play whatever role is required in the situation - from program manager to team member. We are able to draw on Resources' other practice areas to bring the required business expertise to the engagement to ensure our clients meet their objectives.

Having helped several major clients worldwide in the areas of investment products audit, risk and compliance, our community of professionals is ready to help locally or globally.

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