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Churerstrasse 47
8808 Pfäffikon
Phone: +41 55 440 55 60
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| Financial Market Access Solutions |
Group Strategy & Holdings

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Consulting, Audit, Compliance & Training

| SFG Asset Management |
Wealth & Asset Management Services

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Trading & IT Solutions

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Wealth Manager Community

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Commodity Physical Trading

| Africanore |
Commodity Infrastructure Projects

Financial Market Access & Solutions Holdings AG ("FMAS") is dedicated to partnering with leading financial institutions and working with their teams to transfer knowledge and drive change from the inside out.
FMAS is operating through its
SFG_SMALL brand for most of its affiliated companies.

FMAS holding niche activities are driven by four (4) business lines,
Consulting & Training Services, Capital Markets, Commodity Trading, Wealth Management.

FMAS is partner or/and shareholder of several companies operating in Europe, Middle-East and Africa. Group companies activity covers more than 35 accounting years. FMAS headquarter is located in Switzerland.

FMAS clients and partners are strategic entities as major Sovereign Wealth Funds, Pension Funds, Trading Companies, Investment Banks and Private Banks.
The holding and its affiliate companies has advised clients with cumulated assets over 115 billion USD.

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