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Firms are becoming increasingly challenged with rethinking their approach to governance frameworks and processes as they struggle to adapt to rapidly changing challenges in their market place.

Never before has it been more important for organisations to be able to demonstrate trustworthiness, responsibility, sound ethics and sustainability. Actions must be taken to match words and as most sectors are under greater customer, government / regulator or stakeholder scrutiny it is more critical than ever to
manage reputational risk.

SFG uses a framework for an integrated approach to managing and developing your business response to these challenges that is particularly relevant in demanding times. Organisations that can demonstrate probity and sound governance and can develop a resilient culture may well be those who retain their customers, and emerge with a sustainable business, ready to make the best of new opportunities when they arise.
Within our SFG framework, we help clients focus on business principles, getting to the heart of key business drivers; testing organisational connectivity and robustness. Through our approach we seek to embed a joined-up solution to all control and management activity, encompassing corporate governance, internal audit, enterprise risk management, and regulatory compliance – their inter-relation, coherence and effectiveness.

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