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SFG_SMALLbenefits from a strong expertise linked to SWF's, Banks and public linked financial institutions.

With more than 20 years of experience in arranging, pricing and valuate investments, SFG recognized team of expert have been appointed in major function in the universe of financial institutions.

| Our Client Policy |
The irreproachable quality of services and the primacy of our customers’ interests are the foundations of SFG’s code of ethics and, as such, is one of the guiding principles of the activities of each SFG Team Member.
In order to uphold this principle and ensure continued public trust in our activities, all entities of the Group must operate in a manner that prevents or manages any potential conflict of interest between an entity within the Group and its customers that may entail a material risk of damage to a customer’s interests.
This conflicts of interest policy aims to prevent or manage any material conflicts of interest likely to appear in any Group company’s dealings with customers and is fully supported by Group senior management.

| Our Approach |
Our approach to assisting clients in the areas of Governance, Risk and Compliance including internal audit brings proven professionals with an average of 15 years relevant experience in operations, controllership, and internal and external audit to each engagement. Our clients benefit from our deep industry and technical knowledge. At rates comparable to those charged by other firms for people just beginning their careers, our experienced professionals play whatever role is required in the situation - from program manager to team member. We are able to draw on SFG' other practice areas to bring the required business expertise to the engagement to ensure our clients meet their objectives. Having helped major sovereign clients worldwide in the areas of audit, structuring, risk and compliance, our community of professionals is ready to help locally or globally.

| Our Success |
SFG recognized team of experts have been involved in three SWF Projects worldwide. SFG Experts monitored over
4 billions USD of investment and over 10 billions USD reporting in value during the past 5 years.

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