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SFG provides independent, accurate valuation services for investment portfolios supported by an independent pricing model, giving investors or auditors the optimal tools to evaluate current investments portfolios.
SFG enables compliance with global accounting and auditing standards, offering rapid,
reliable valuation of even the largest portfolios with unparalleled coverage. Accurate pricing is based on multi-sourced, quality-validated data in conjunction with a proven, unique pricing model and ongoing market calibration.
With fast,
cost-effective implementation and seamless integration, auditors are able to start using the system immediately and to customize it according to their requirements.
SFG’s revaluation services are built for
performance, automation and scalability and allow automated processing of very large portfolios or individual derivatives. The revaluation service is securely connected to the administrator's own system and blends seamlessly into business end-of-day process.
Portfolios can be securely uploaded and downloaded directly to clients and directly accessed by clients through a secure web portal. The built in collaboration and communication tool enhances
efficiency, communication and client relationships.
Intelligent, intuitive templates are available for term sheets, breaking down structured products into their individual components, making them easier to analyse and manage.
SFG Reporting solutions are
pro-active and provides all the information in order to anticipating the market scenarios. SFG compiles on real time all existing market reports from financial institutions, assets managers and brokers i order to set up several market scenarios.
SFG solutions include revaluation services for accurate valuation of client portfolios and market-accurate mark-to-market with all relevant risk metrics.
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